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it's 2 in the morning !

vijaykumar's picture
on September 20, 2006 - 12:57am

it's 2:45 my time and i'm still up my dad just installed a computer in me and my sister's room so i'm still up tomorrow is my dad's birthday and i was decorating the house as i always do and time just flew by which is realy gonna suck tomorrow and i'll have to stay up and do my study's yay for me NOT !!! i'm a person who like's to stay up late and sleep late lol funny thing is my sister is the exact opposite of me she likes to go to bed early i don't and she like's to get up early definatly NOT ME ! she loves math i HATE MATH she could not wait for school to start back i started dreading it on the first day school was out lol she makes good grade's i make bad that ain't funny at all this year i'm accualy trying harder though don't know how much it will count hopefuly a lot well it's nearly 3 int he morning guess mabe i should go to bed now hum to sleep or not to sleep that is the question? night !

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