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My first entry. I think its bordering on obsession.....and I like it!

vijaykumar's picture
on September 23, 2006 - 8:00am

Its damp and grey here in Chicago and yet I am dancing on a rainbow. And do you know why my fellow Grobanites? Of course you do. Come on do the dance with me and sing. ..NOV 7TH NOV 7TH....NOOOOOVEMBER 7TH! Yeah! Now if your children, lover, or pet are looking at you as if you have lost your mind then you performed the dance properly. If not then do it again but this time dressed only in your skivies.

Now that I have gotten that I have gotten that out of my system. Nov 7th! I can tell you about moi. My name is Leslie and I am a mommy of two beautiful children who happen to think I am as mad as a hatter. Yet happen to find it cool. I guess I am lucky...hell I know I am lucky. Till next time I leave you with my wish for everyone...."May you get half of what you want and all that you deserve."

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