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me again!

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on September 23, 2006 - 10:23am

ok, so here's the deal.
school has started 3 weeks ago and all I can say is: GET ME AWAY FROM HERE I'M DYING!!!!!!!(Belle and Sebastian song)
It's not that bad, it's amazing how time flies. News about me: I'm still gathering up the courage to pierce my ears.
Yeah, I know. 17 and still haven't pierced my ears. How come? Well. when I was young my parents thought it wiser for me to decide on my own do I want it or not. Well, it would have been better if they had chosen for me. Now I freak out every time I think of it. It's weird my dad, who's by the way an atheist thinks that piercing ears is pagan and my mom who is very religious (same as me) has pierced ears. I know it's my decision at the end of the day but I have to consider it all. The thing that would really help overcome the fear of piercing my ears and pain about going to school would be when my package would finally come. You know, the welcome to the friends of Josh-the cutey-Groban fan club. It should have already come. But in the meantime, I amuse myself with the thoughts of Josh arriving to Zagreb one day and me being there and meeing him. I will soon be starting my voice training so my day dreaming also includes a duet (what can I say, I'm a BIG dreamer). Life would be great, and suddenly, the pain about my brother still living with us and sharing a room with him and him not getting into an university and not being able to have internet because of him and him tormenting me and so much more would be put to rights. Actually, that would help (a lot) but what would completely help to forget it would be a tour with Josh and working with him on his new CD. But like I've said I'm a BIIIG dreamer and that happening to me would be such a proof that God exists (and that's why it will happen :) ).
Anyway, I'm counting the days and the day it comes will be the day you feel the earth shake and all glass will break (because I will be jumping and screaming so hard). Life will start to make up for the bad things in my life (and there've been plenty). Like my brother, not having a boyfriend, Josh not including Zagreb in his tour.,, the list goes on. I know I'm crazy and weird and a man who will marry me one day ( Josh hopefully :P ) will really have to understand me to be able to love me (Josh hopefully-yeah I know I'm crazy-I've said it already). When he comes I'll be screaming actually no, I 'll be crying so hard that I'm afraid I won't be able to see anything. But it will be great. I can't wait. Yeeeey (I'm crazy I know, in my defence there's a mental institution hospital near my school so it must be it, or my brother forcing me to learn to sing the songs of Metallica and hitting me whenever I'd forget-like I said big bad things that would be a mere trifle). To sum up, I'm crazy with a complicated and difficult childhood (like everyone) with some faults and defects but with great love for Josh's music (and Josh) and I really want to meet him, get to know him and to sing with him (like everyone else, and if God willing it will soon happen). Till then I'll have to be happy just with listening to him. And that's great too. Ok, now I'm annoying myself ao I'll go before I go totally crazy. See ya!

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