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vijaykumar's picture
on September 23, 2006 - 9:35pm

well today was fun we took danny to work stoped by the dollar store on the way home and mom asked me to ask a girl we know who works there if her mother in-law still had a shitz-tz puppy's left well she did and she had her daughter who me and my sister use to go to public school with come and bring her dog down to are house well mom liked the puppy but it was a male and she was not looking for a male so she looked in the shopper and guess what she found her a white pomeranian with just a slight light amount of cream and my mom has alway's wanted a solid white pom so we call the lady and my sister what we needed to get to her house and other info about the puppy well we go over there and look at the puppy she's a female and mom just fall's in love with her so she get's the o.k from dad and shells out 700.00 dollars for the puppy i'm surprized that dad did not hit the roof ! i can say that's the most mom has ever spent for any pet or dog we have ever had ! we have drove like 100 200 miles to get a toby (pom) he was i think 350.00 and my mom breed's and sell's dog's .so any way's we got home with our new pom she is so cute! and the water's not working and when dad got home he was not to happy so he checked the pump and there was a broken peace and he called some guy he knows and got a 21.00 dollar part and he got home put the part on and it still did not work so he primed it we had to do that last week and so he primed it again and gfuess what it STILL DID NOT WORK ! so tomorrow dad has to call the guy back and have him come look at the pump as for us no water .and as i write now my foot has fallen asleep i hope you don't think i'm mad becuse i'm not mad i don't know why i even said that i don't know i'm tired well i better go to sleep it's getting late it's 11:33 our time so night!

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