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on September 24, 2006 - 7:04am

OK. So its Sunday (well it is where I am anyway. You could be in one of those areas where it is now Monday (poor you) or still Saturday (you're lucky). Been awake for about 5 hours and still feel dead. I'm not really a morning person. It normally gets to like 11 at night and I feel like I could go swimming or something. Thats when I normally have most inspiration. In fact most of this week I've gone to bed at 1am after doing random Josh-related things, playing music, listening to music, drawing... I am weird?

I've been trying to play "Remember when it Rained" on the piano (well keyboard actually, and not a good one either. You can get ones that have the touch volume thingy to have piano and forte etc. but no. mines all one volume...) Anyways, its ok. Just need to remember all those flats in the music, and some of the notes go below my keyboard range. I love that song. Especially the semiquavery bit near the end.

Can't wait for Nov 7th! Sadly its about a month after my birthday and I'm NOT waiting til christmas to get it. It's long enough from now!

I tried sketching Josh which turned out ok. It so hard getting those eyes though. They're so beauiful and smiley. Oh well... If at first you don't succeed..... This was at like, 1 in the morning as well.

Ok, byee for now. Sorry if I bored you. You've done well surviving to this point.

Hugs for all (unless you don't want one. Your choice)


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