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It is still not here!

rah1127's picture
on September 27, 2006 - 6:42pm

So if you read my last entry, I was saying that I still haven't got my Josh poster. Well, I still haven't! I am going to wait one more day and if I still don't have it, I will call and let the company know. I'm not mad at them at all, now don't get me wrong. They have been nice to me and said if it does not show up by Thursday, to just call and they will replace it. So thats settled. But y'all know what else happened today? I just logged on about 10 minutes ago and when I looked at the journal section, it said that I am in the top 5! That just amazes me! I mean wow, I am in the top 5! Okay sorry, I can already sense your annoyance, I will stop now. But just so y'all know, its okay if you want to call me crazy. Because I already know this. But you know what the funny thing is, aren't we all when it comes to Josh?

Hope y'all have a goodnight. Its 9:40p.m where i live, so yeah goodnight, unless its morning where you live, then nevermind.


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