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I am not screwing them up bad after all.

vijaykumar's picture
on September 28, 2006 - 11:02am

First let me say one thing before I begin...ahem...NOVEMBER 7TH!!!!

Okay now that is out of my system. The topic to day is children, you know the little people that live in your home and throw their stuff about and leave dirty hand prints on the door of the fridge. Yes, I had a nice mommy moment with my ten and seven year olds. It envoled the creation of their playlist. They have been bugging me for a for over a year to let them pick out their own music so they may have their own party CD's for brithday's, slumber parties and what not. ((Apperently if you mention Kidz Bop to a ten year old, they will shoot laser beams from their eyes causes things to exlplode.)) So after many many hours of listening to various songs, some good, some bad, and some that should NEVER have been recorded. I will say this. That my children surprised me. All of their choice ran the gambit of the musical spetrum. My daughter loves Broadway, epecially the songs of the villian((Should I be worried? This is the child that likes I Want To Be Evil by Eartha Kit)) She also has a lot of dance music and to my surprise several swing songs. ((Zoot Suite Riot..need I say more))
Now my son surpised me the most in his choices. This is the little boy that if I allowed him to would run about naked covered in dirt. He picked...are you ready....((Sadly no Josh, but I am wearing him down I know it.)) He picked Sway by Micheal Buble..((yes that Micheal Buble)) He is nestled between The Night Santa Went Crazy and Shake Your Bon Bon. ((I can see your expession....Don't ask me. Its his playlist))
Anyhoo..I looked over there choices and listen to everyone.((I love Brave Sir Robin by Monty Python. Its on both their list. Here's a tip. Then next time someone is getting on your nerves just sing the song in your head. They will eventually tire of the idiotic grin on your face and go away))
And you know what I learn....that I am not doing such a bad job after all.

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