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30 long years

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on October 2, 2006 - 11:12pm

crazy time at the moment, I'm trying to get all my study and assignments done, .........only 7 more weeks and then i'm finished for the year thank goodness, i need a break.

Yesterday was my parents 30 wedding anniversary!! don and helen came over for dinner, and we watch mum and dad wedding video........seeing them back then and today, its amazing how people do not change. Nan was still all about her, aunty di only focused only looking after herself, dad and his family were so close, it was really beautiful to see. Father daley had performed the ceremony, which brought back so many memories. I still remember the phone call when i was little at wanderiah cr. informing us of his passing. seeing mum and dad together, and don and helen made me realise that love really exists.........

i really need a holiday right now, hopefully tour dates will be announced soon, so i can book it all. Dad is not going to be happy when he finds out what my savings are actually for, but seriously if its a choice between seeing josh in concert, and buying a house..............well their really is no choice its josh or nothing

le gra agus lireacan

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