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You know what I hate?

rah1127's picture
on October 4, 2006 - 9:24pm

You know what I really hate? The fact that none of the radio stations around here play any Josh! Just today I read that someone heard You Are Loved on the radio. My only question is why not here? There is nothing wrong with it! I was thinking though that maybe I should send an email certain radio stations and ask if they would consider playing him, because that would be the awesomest(did I spell that right?!) thing ever! I would love to turn on the radio and here a Josh song. You know what, I will do it. Even if it is 11:00 at night where I am. At home it is midnight. I am currently in Mayfield, Wisconsin for the night in my uncle's house. My parents, me ,my uncle and my aunt(my mom's sister) are going up further up north to where my mom and brother and sister used to spend alot of time. They just want to see the leaves change color. We never really see that at home. I am on a break from school so that allowed me to go unfortunately. I really would have preferred to stay home, but then my mom would have been alone. Then at like the last minute, my dad decided to go. So I asked if then I had to stay home and of course they said I could still go. My break only lasts for a week and a day, and I wll be getting back on that last day before I go back to school, so you know I am thrilled. But ya know, what can ya do?

Hope y'all are having a good week!

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