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February Song

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on October 7, 2006 - 8:26am

It is beautiful. What a creative genius our man is! Many thoughts run through my head as I listen to the tiny tease we were given last Friday, one of them being that my heart goes out to him as he sings his own heartache. And I'm guessing that by writing and singing this song the way that he has he wants us to feel that way. Singers don't sing songs in the hope that they won't affect you, they sing them because they hope they will and that's the sign of a great artist. I know myself when I'm writing I do my best work on cloudy, dismal days when my life is filled with angst and my heart is heavy. That's when our emotions are at their peak and words just tend to flow from us - like we aren't really in control of what comes out, we're just the medium through which it pours out. There are days I go back and read things I've written and can't believe that I did because 1. I don't remember writing it and 2. It is good and I can't believe I wrote it! so girls, when you hear Josh singing the blues and you feel tied up in knots inside and want desperately to hold him, comfort him, soothe him with calming words -- feel free to do so because that's the effect he's trying to achieve. And he's accomplished his goal. When you hear him singing "If darkness blinds you, I-I will shine to guide you!" you believe him because he makes it believable that he can. And Josh does make us feel like we are loved.

God, I love that man! He's very, very good at what he does. He pulls at my emotions and I know that's just what he wants ....

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