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future smiles

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on October 10, 2006 - 6:37pm

hey cyber pages that don't talk back to me....O:) how ya doing tonight? oh yea that's right you don't answer ....oui.... was just out back with seth. he was running and chasing dried leaves on the grass. seth will be one year old in a few weeks. he has experienced an entire year. spent a week at the beach with him and i think he liked it. wasn't too thrilled with the waves at first. but once he got used to them he barked and chased them across the sand. if i could walk on the beach each day at sunrise with my seth the world would be least for a while.
tonight i am thinking of joy in the in 29 in a time not yet in two hours in a concert hall in march. after the "blitz" of media.....those that attend a josh concert realize what it all means. i'd like to think jw understands his supporters. from what he says in interviews i think he does. cause the disconnect can be like a canyon. looking forward to being "awake". i write that so often at work..."awake and alert".....but never really thought about it beyond the clinical setting. i think i am "awake" to global causes and needs, to how fast the years are passing, to the everyday important moments, quiet, peaceful time and beauty right near us all the time. ya just want to grab it all and hold it so close....never let it go. is it possible to hold so much joy in your heart?
thanks joshie for you. and your amaZing music/talent/creativity/insight/wisdom.......peace

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