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ObiWanCannoli's picture
on October 12, 2006 - 6:59am

I hate being sick, I hate sickness ... and I'm stronger than it -- aren't I? I will vanquish it, I will be victorious ... eventually! Okay I had suspected I had strep because usually a sore throat will go away after you drink something hot and gradually during the the day but this one wasn't; however I didn't have any of the other symptoms that I know are associated with strep so I was somewhat confused. Except the headache, I had the headache part but no fever, no stomachache ... The new nurse practitioner that we have working in our office asked me yesterday morning if I needed a strep test, I told her I didn't think so and the s/t just started around 4 the day before so it would have been too soon anyway. I had to go to EMR training at the hospital yesterday afternoon (EMR=electronic medical records; yep that's right we're going to "paperless" charts - I'll believe it when I see it!) and I was so tired I nearly fell asleep driving there - UGH! Dr. Smith kept me somewhat awake throwing stuff at my back during training LOL! He's a silly! Anyway, I went home early and SLEPT! It felt fabulous! The headache went away sometime during the evening but today the bloody throat is still sore. I'm sure it's just drainage irritating the poop out of it so I'm going to hold off but today I feel okay except for the irritated throat. I'm a very healthy person on the whole, I only get colds once or twice a year and then I get cranky hahahahaha! I suppose after working in health care 12 - going on lucky 13 years I am immune to most everything. How cool is that? so when I do get sick it's a strange mutation! Boohoohaahaahaaaaaaa .... BUT I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY SOMETHING AS STUPID AS A VIRUS!!!! Oh no -- and I will not forego the treadmill because of it either, I ran yesterday and will again today ....

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