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vijaykumar's picture
on October 20, 2006 - 6:21pm

well i heard and am now listening to "solo por ti " at first my fealings about the song were exitement but now i just feel like crying the song is that beautiful of course that might not be the full reason my sister is staying with my grandmother tonight becuse my grandmother had surgery today on her hand nothing major or any thing but the doctot said someone needs to stay with her tonight becuse she cannot move her hand and "God" do i ever miss her ! me and my sister get along most of the time some times i can't stand her becuse she is a little bossy o.k a lot bossy but i got use to most of it LOL. i cannot remember the last time me and her were apart well enough about me more about josh ! that was a beautiful music video very emotional on his part ! a i don't realy know what i could write now i wish i had another diary its good to write in this one but i can't realy express my feelings on this one god only knows who will read it ! nobody visits mine becuse it's like one in a million and i bet you i put some thing on here that i don't want no one to read and every body in this group would be drawn to my journal so yea i need another diary . o yea befor i go my sisters dog precious had her puppies yea that dog was nice to me before she had her puppies different story now i went to pisk up one of her puppies to see the color and she bit the crap out of me at that point it hit me she don't like me !! no not realy she was just doing her job pretecting her puppies she is a realy good mom i do have to say when we first got her and she bit me it did not hurt as bad as it hurt when she bit me the other day !!!!!

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