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Emmily's picture
on October 20, 2006 - 10:24pm

yellow leaves mark my path. i walk and listen to your voice......your words. and yes perhaps i tend to take things (the words you sing to me) far too seriously. but that's just me i guess. still i walk in the night and listen. what would i do with my days? i would wait for your words...your music. i have waited so long. i keep walking. the night air is crisp and clear. the fallen leaves are pressed upon the street where i walk. the sky is dark and lit with the stars of tomorrow. your words repeat to me.......only for you. so beautifully woven within a tapestry of melody and longing. infinidad....... says it all. i WILL write a thousand poems for you.......and sing them if i could. with the music of your soul. i look up and come to a stop...almost....the tree tops are swaying with your melody. tears run down my skin........but i am smiling. what will this entire cd do to me josh? if one song can change my night? make me feel so "solo". you have a beautiful soul to sing like that .... to say those words in that way. vive en mi i so gotta get to bed.

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