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vijaykumar's picture
on October 22, 2006 - 10:33am

OMJ!!!!! yesterday ( sat.) i got to go to ISU ( illinois state uni.) and play in the prelims AND finals for state marching band. And i also got to march on the U of I field and watch the Illini marching band. Kinda dorky but man was it awesome.
Here is how it went down
3:15 AM wake up
4:10 AM at the school waiting for the bus...
5:00 AM LEAVE FOR ISU!! woo and hoo
As the sun rose up we play at ISU
8:30 AM leave ISU for U of I
11 is we hear we are state champs.. 7yrs. in a row! and then march at ISU..
12:30-4 pm we hang out at UofI and watch other band
4 leave for ISU
5:30 arrive at ISU
6:30 ready to march for finals!
7-ish we are done and watch other bands as the rain keep pouring down( started raining between 6:30 - 7)
hang out for the rest of the evening, didn't hear how we placed over-all though.......
11:30 pm... finally get home and SLEEP!

That was one of the best days EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah band-os!

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