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Been Busy

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on October 22, 2006 - 6:28pm

Sorry everybody, I've been a little busy. Where to start, let's see. So I sort of habit of checking my email and fojg of anything new like 5 times a day. And as I was doing so, there was this email talking about an internet edition of Awake. I think you know where I am going, but in case you don't, I bought it. Now I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Nov. 7th and my internet edition of Awake. I am counting down the days. That was Sunday I think. The other thing that happened on Sunday was the arrival of my brother from Montana. I was a little scared by that because I know what can happen in as little as a week. Everything can be going great between us and then, Boom, it all goes down hill. I don't know what it was this time, but all I know is that I would rather him not be in our house at the moment. He got here Sunday, now it is Sunday once again. So that I think is a record, 1 week! Now no matter what happens, it will never be like it was. But on a lighter note note, what do y'all think of Solo Por Ti? I remember that it was digitally released(if that means anything different) on Wednseday. So during the week since then I have been checking iTunes daily along with the emails. And finally on Saturday, there it was! I bought it right away of course. I told my mom a week before it was to be released about it and she said that if I keep buying the songs as they come out, I will have bought the cd 3 times over by the time it comes out. I of course said so what and did it anyway. I mean why should she complain, its not like its her money anyway, its mine. I can do what I want with it. Ok getting a little angry again, moving on. My weekend has been pretty much slept away. I did not get the sleep I should have. I went to bed kinda late on Friday and di not get up again until 1:00 in the afternoon Saturday. I stayed up for about an hour and went back to bed around 2:00. I again slept till 3:00. After that I was awake. But then around 9:00 at night, I went to bed to sleep for the night. I know what you are thinking, how could I possibly sleep that long? But wait, this is where you get to laugh at me. I woke up this morning at 7:30. I tried to sleep, but couldn't. So I ended up just laying in my bed for an hour and then got up at 8:30. I've been wide awake since. And you know what, I think I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight because I am not in the littlest bit tired. So I guess I will just have to partake in this viscious cycle once again. A good night to all! Sleep well and don't let the bedbugs bite!
And if anyone wants to make my email checking habit fruitful, my email address is

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