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josh in NY

Brigitte's picture
on October 26, 2006 - 4:21pm

missing josh. i so wished i would win the trip to NY, keep on dialing the radio station. when oh when will he come to seattle. i don't know how much is in my josh bank. i do love YAL and solo por ti. i also love the song from romeo and juliette. got to see my grobies for connie's birthday party. now it is playing YAL. i guess debbie and me are going to walmart at midnight to get the josh cd. november is going to be josh month. i wonder if i get to see ryan this saturday. he actually listened to YAL. i wonder what he thinks about me. i really like him, wished i could explain to reuben what is going on. h has not called me. have not forgotten about mike, but have a great time without him.

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