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Do I Let Go?

vijaykumar's picture
on October 29, 2006 - 10:50pm

I have the misfortune of finding the potential love of my life in a person who seems to have already found the love of his life... C'est la vie, is it not?! It hasn't even been that long, I know, but sometimes time ISN'T of the essence. The time I've spent with him makes me think about the time I've spent with every other guy I've liked and it just doesn't compare. It makes me realize that everything that I found lacking in them, but was willing to ignore shouldn't have been ignored for a reason. That reason being that they simply weren't it. So now I've found someone who makes me laugh. Someone who seems utterly sincere. Someone who enjoys many of the same things in life as I do -- not unlike other people I have known. The only difference is that I've never felt more comfortable, more relaxed, more confident (in some unexplainable way) and I want nothing more than to sit next to him, breathing the same air, seeing and feeling the same sun. I feel as if I need nothing else but to exist next to him simply because I know no better way to exist. And there are moments where I could swear he feels something (not necessarily the same). So the question remains -- do i try? Do I hope that maybe the one he loves, someone who is half a world away, decides she doesn't love him anymore (if she ever did)? Or do I let go, thankful for every moment I got, even if it was only for a little while?

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