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A bit late but I am still here

vijaykumar's picture
on November 1, 2006 - 5:33am

Hi ya, greetings, tag, moshi moshi, and shalom,
Last night was Halloween a big holiday for be considering I am Wiccan. (Go on get it out of your system. GASP! AGAST..ect lol)) This year I was a serving wench, my daughter a witch, and my little boy a ninja just to aggrivate my daughter and breaking with the medival theme. You would think that I would have done the normal mom thing and waited till the little ones came home to dress in costume. ((Well you obivioulsy have not be reading the previous post...Go on I will wait for you to catch up...anyhoo)) I ran my errands dressed in full costume, why? Because there is only one day a year that you can run about in costume and no one gives you a look or threatens to call the police thats why!

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