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on November 1, 2006 - 9:20pm

Wow, it's been three years since I last wrote on this journal. And at that time, Closer was coming out and just like now, am listening to the new music of Josh. This is my fourth time listening to the music. It is some hwat different from the previous two. Yet somehow, I still like it. For me the standouts are of course, You Are loved, February Song, un dia Llegara, So She Dances, L'Ultima Notte and Solo Por Ti and of course Un Giorno Per Noi. I guess I still like the classic Josh. I'm getting used to Machine and the other songs.
Three years ago, I was like second in line for the CD signing in NYC. I got the whole family involved and my daughter, Heather got in line for me at 5 or 6 AM. Stayed at the Marriott Marquis from across the site of the signing. This time, although I wanted so much to go to the signing and do all the GMA stuff, I stand no chance of getting in with a wrist band being distributed. There are just so many fans who want to go see him and quite a few who have always have access to him. I felt so dissapointed at the NY Times interview when this group of privilege few got to see him depsite all the other fans in line ahead of them. So, I said, forget about this signing thing. I'll just be supporting Josh by buying the CD's and going to the concert. I'll still remain a member but will refrain from all the M&G's. My last was at the Tanglewood last year. Would like to go and see him there if ever he goes back. Anyway, I met some nice Grobanites and not so nice ones, too.

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