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Just another Beautiful day

jlbrown3711's picture
on November 10, 2006 - 10:44am

Good morning California, and afternoon to everyone else....hope you are all having a pleasant day and a nifty upcoming weekend. Happy Veterns Day! Lets remember those who did and are still serving our country. It is important to always remember those who help protect us. God Bless them always.It is beautiful today as the sun is out welcoming new life as always. I heard there will be some rain in the forcast, so the rain will spark more life and nourish the world once again. But please don't let it rain while I am in Los Angeles...Yikes!

Just got done watching Josh on Regis and Kelly. I would have liked it more if they had interviewed him more, but other than that it was nice to see him sing.He sung a beautiful song called Un Dia Llegara. Lets face it, I couldn't pronounce it til I heard Howie say it. I wonder how many times he practiced saying it..HAHAH!! Josh made a breif description about what the song was about, and it sounded lovely. But all of Josh songs sound beautiful. I am not biased, really. It is amazing a guy his age has that kind of emotion in him. Actually, it is amazing to see any man with that kind of emotion in him.LOL! I can see why the ladies swoon so much. I don't swoon. What? stop looking at me like that!Don't believe me? Anyway, Howie Mandel was the co-host this morning, and he was funnier then hell. Ok, Hell isn't funny, but I can't think of any thing that is funny at the moment. I love Howies Humor. He cracks me up laughing all the time. Oh, no, Laurie is falling to pieces....Oh no, I am missing parts. If you find my brain, give it back.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big trip to Monterey for a Grobie get together. I am so excited. It will be wonderful to put faces with names. Tomorrow, the world will become a little bit closer. Good food, good music, good friends...what could be better? I wish that kind of moment for everyone. The world would be more of a happier place if we all made friends everyday.It would definitely bring this world closer together, thats for sure. Go smile at someone.Unless your in a dark alley somewhere. LOL. My kids are coming with me, so it will be a very nice time to Grobanize them...HAHAHAHAH! I will take lots of pictures, and hopefully have them up here soon afterwards. Can't wait!

My tip for today is ......... Don't stick your hand in a pool filter and scare your dad out of his mind....... Ho hum...yes, did that once! LOL

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