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When Inspirations go Deep

vijaykumar's picture
on November 10, 2006 - 11:06pm

After a hard day at work, I walk to my car, and turn on the engine and insert CD the new Josh Groban AWAKE album, and I listened.. I wish I could know all the songs that he sings by heart, but I need to listen to it closely..

I feel relaxed, but not too relaxed while driving for 7minutes to my home. Not bad for convenience sake, because once you live close to your work area, there is no such thing as traffic and getting to work late.

Later I felt that I want to head to the living room to songwrite on the piano..(no publishing's being made) it's just words that got stuck in my head whenever I play a song on the piano ..

Josh, the songs that I sing will be dedicated to you to thank you for inspiring me to do whatever makes me happy.. and sing my heart out with out fear.. If you want to hear me sing, I hope to see you in Westwood at Borders..

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