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on November 12, 2006 - 6:50am

NYC, the best ever! Got into the city late Tuesday afternoon. Went over to the M&G & hung out for a while. Then over to Josh's Pizza, which by the way,the pizza is really, really good. Up bright & early Wednesday morning to get in line at GMA. Was very nervous that we wouldn't get in but somehow they made it happen, I was so happy! Josh sounded wonderful. We got to hear YAL & February Song, which is my favorite. They allowed us to stay while they changed the whole set to a Christmas theme & then Josh sang I'll be home for Chirstmas, talk about perfection, it was just so beautiful! He could only sign for a few minutes & then they wisked him away. We hopped in a cab & got over to B&N to see if there were any wristbands left. I really didn't think we had a chance, but they had plenty! Someone(B&N) wasn't truthful about how many they were giving out & that is a shame because I think alot of people didn't even bother to try to get one because we assumed they would all be gone!
Went to Lanagan's & had a great lunch then back to the room for a shower & off to B&N. They lined us up & once we got into the actual room they had rows of chairs, then took each row one by one. You were supposed to have the insert out of the CD & ready to be signed but I was too busy messing around with my camera & all of a sudden we were next & the CD's were in my purse! Talk about nervous. Josh looks you right in the eye. I didn't think I would be able to form a word let alone a sentence but I said hi, my name is Lynn, did you get the hat I made for you at GMA. I made embroidered AWAKE hats & managed to pass one off to the person who stands right next to Josh, don't know if he is a bodyguard or what. Josh said yeah thanks, it's in my room. Then I told him that the company I work for does all the screenprinting & embroidery for the GFC store & his face just lit up & he stuck his hand out to shake mine & said thank you for doing that, you have no idea how much that means to me! YIKES! Then I blubbered something like I am happy to do it, that is my way of giving back to you for all you do for us or something along those lines, then I think I just walked away! DUH!! Well it went alot better than I thought it would, but I wished I had said something about how great the new CD is!It was a moment I will cherish forever.
Next morning the Early Show. It was a beautiful morning after all that rain, it was outside. Josh looked great & sounded wonderful. Small crowd so I got some great pictures. I still can't believe how lucky I was to have had the chance to attend these events & how gracious JOsh is to us. He truly is a wonderful man. Now bring on the tour!!!

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