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Classy Music Updates and Josh

Classy's picture
on November 12, 2006 - 6:13pm

Wow, what a surprise when I just checked the logs for ClassyStationery Blog ( where I post about music and of late, lots of Josh. So many hits from folks all over the world looking for Josh and his music, albums, tour info, etc. He is truly "taking the world" with his music and I am so glad he will be touring so many countries this time and sharing the love and joy with so many who love his music. I put up on the site the YouTube GMA and lots of posts and links. Josh is taking over that blog so I may have to set up a separate Josh blog on my servers just for him. My members love him!! The more of us that promote him, the greater the audience, the more educated the listening audience becomes of really, really good music and of course, are the recipients of the most beautiful voice today!

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