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Another Step in the Journey...

vijaykumar's picture
on November 14, 2006 - 6:50pm

Hi Everybody,

I have finally arrived at the next step in the process of getting my gastric bypass surgery. My appointment with my surgeon is tomorrow. Since June I have lost 65 pounds and I have worked my way off of the large doses of Methadone and as a matter of fact I am off the drug entirely.

I got a call from the director of the program today and she was very kind and encouraging and pleased with all the progress made. That felt good as well. I recently saw one of my kids that I hadn't seen in quite a while and when she went to hug me she leaned back and said, "Oh my God, Mom I can reach all the way around you!" Oh Yeah, I call that a defining moment! :O)

I will see my surgeon and go over all that I have done to complete the program (which is extensive), we will discuss my current health and any complications those may cause, basically it is a time to discuss anything and everything related to the sugery.

I will also have a meeting with a person who will go over all the paperwork for the State to make sure it is all in place and ready to be sent. After that, I wait around for a couple of hours and attend yet another seminar about the surgery, and learning how to live a different life forever.

I'm not sure when my surgery will be or what will happen next, but seeing the surgeon is a big step because he DOES NOT see patients until they have completed the State's program. So, Yaaay for me! Next, I have to complete HIS program, which fortunately is much shorter. Hopefully, by January I will have had my surgery (or maybe sooner).

The director and I were talking about how long this process has been and how difficult the changes are. We talked about how you cannot make these changes for anyone else but yourself. You have to REALLY want this surgery in order to get it. Many, many people just can't make it through the program for one reason or another. They have my heartfelt hope that whatever is holding them back, they will try, try again.

I have had dark moments when I thought that for one reason or another I might not make it through and they were hard. But those moments were for me times when I learned something else about myself, or overcame an obstacle, or just plain plowed my way through. I'm not a great, courageous person. I'm actually often afraid, tired, lonely, and hurting. But there is something I want more than anything and that is to experience the life I denied myself for so long.

There are people I want to love, places I want to see, and experiences I want to have. There are also others like myself that I want to help. I want to give them hope. Because hope, love, and encouragement can make such a difference in the life of someone struggling with any hard thing.

No one should have to fight for their life alone. There are too many of us for any of us to be alone.

If each of us reached out to someone struggling with something we ourselves have fought and overcome and offered them the hope of our victory; what could we achieve??

How many lives could be changed? We talk of world peace and of all kinds of human needs (which are very real and need to be addressed) when often the ones who need our help are right before our eyes and we don't see them because we are looking into the distance or not looking at all.

So, if you will forgive me my forwardness, maybe today you could take a look around and see if there is someone near you who could use a little TLC, a little hope, a little kindness. My personal belief is that world peace starts with a person at a time.

Sorry about the soapbox, but these things have been in my heart for some time now. I don't know if I could have made it as far as I have if I hadn't had friends who supported me even when others deserted me. You friends know who you are and I love you. Thank you. So, onward, there is more work to be done. I will blog again when I have more information. Love and peace to you all, Vonda

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