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Yay! Finally I got my cd haha

MelodicInterval's picture
on November 15, 2006 - 7:17pm

So I finally got my internet edition today in the mail lol. It was a long process, i had to ship it to my relative in california and then she had to ship it to me here in canada. Don't know why they couldn't just ship it to canada....IT IS SOOO WORTH THE WAIT THOUGH! Omg, I haven't been this happy for such a long time lol. This morning i thought i heard something like the mailbox opening so I like got up earlier than I planned to check but it wasnt there so I was all disappointed. After I washed my face and changed and everything I decided to go check again and there it was!!!! SOOOO happy haha. OK well I should go work on my history paper XD....while listening to Josh of course :D ciao for now!

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