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jlbrown3711's picture
on November 17, 2006 - 12:04pm

Have you often wonderd how it will find you
or if the feeling will ever surround you
your lost in sea of a million faces
hardly with ever leaving traces
We search for answers every day
only to leave you with nothing to say
You want to hide from the distance fears
that touble your soul with heartbreaking tears
Our search for contentment grows so long
often discovering ourselves in a beautiful song
The answers we search are never quite clear
but sometimes they speak louder than they appear
The decisons we make are often hard to forget
and can sometimes can lead to a heart of regret
The pain inside is sometimes hard to ignore
especially if it leaves us in a self induced war
How does one get past the wall,
and the fear of not wanting to fall
Sometime the silence is so hard to bare
discovering our feelings, are so hard to share
I suppose it is something at times we all must feel,
as it gives us a chance for our spirit to reveal
It is a Journey we must sometimes endure
so we can keep the spirt, free and so pure

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