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A quiet Sunday

jlbrown3711's picture
on November 19, 2006 - 12:14pm

I am actually sitting here listen to CLOSER, and not AWAKE.... Ok, Ok, I admit, I just got done listening to AWAKE, and now I have moved on....... HAHAHAH! Just feeling a bit listening to the wonderful music Josh has put out for us again and again. But that is no suprise right? It is really cloudy outside, and the chill in the air is quite refreshing. I love the cold, because it makes me want to snuggle up with a warm blanket as I listen to some amazing music. All that is missing is a warm cup of hot chocolate. MMMMMMMMM! My kids are kind of some where else at the moment, so I am finding a bit of peace to enjoy this little moment. I will see how long that lasts.HAHAHAH.

A little earlier today I was looking at my seats for the Groban concert. I admit, I was a little sad at first, because I wish I had better seats, especially for being my first concert. But that little moment of sadness was quickly washed away as I realized I will be very fortuniate no matter where I sit. Just seeing him perform in person those amazing words, and melodies will be enough to fill the heart. It will be something I will cherrish too! Lets hope I can take pictures!

I also spent some time on FOJG this morning.... I know, when am I not on there,......but anyway, just reading about people and some of their problems. I know we all have them, so it makes me feel for them even more. I wish I could just take everyones trouble away and show them it isn't as bad as they think.... I know silly huh? I just don't like to see people struggle with issues in their life. But then again, if we never went through those moments, we wouldn't grow stronger as people. So, maybe its good??? Just doesen't feel that when when it happens. Believe me, I know. my own struggles are all too familiar. But I am keeping myself together. Thats all I can do.

Well, here is to another beautiful Sunday. Weather your at home watching football, at work, (like my spouse is ), or just hanging at home doing things needed to get done.......hope you all smile through your day. Life is what you make it to be. Love to all my friends!

Oh, my tip for today is...... don't leave shoes out in the backyard when you have a puppy on the loose........!ok, whats in my shoes.AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

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