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Another night of no sleep

jlbrown3711's picture
on November 21, 2006 - 8:35am

Is it morning already? Wow, I must say I had the worst night sleep in quite awhile. My son and I were up coughing most of the night and couldn't quite get comfortable. I swear to God I thought I was gonna loose my lungs or something. I know, too much information, right? I felt even worse for my little boy as he was very uncomfortable as well. I worry about him because of all the ear problems he has had since he was a baby. Even had tubes surgically put into his ears at one point. Somedays I think he will have to go through that again.His ears seem to be still so sensitive. Poor kid. Anyway, I was up alot, and even managed to sneak a peak on the boards to see if anyone was hanging out. I could have used a good chat last night. Why not, I was up anyway. But to my sadness, everything and everyone was quiet. Nobody was around to chat with at all. I certainly hope FOJG puts there chat room back up. To me, that was the bast part of the boards. The one time I am up that late, and no one was around........ everyone must have a life by now I guess........LOL. Either that, or no one likes me..... mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just kidding........

My son is suppose to be going to preschool today, but I have decided to keep him home. He didn't sleep well, and his poor little cheeks are red and warm. He still has an amazing amout of energy. Wow, how do kids do that even when they are sick? Please, someone give me that energy. You think I would be use to the late hours by now. Seems to be I pulled an all nighter not to long ago. Ok, so there is a difference between staying up all night to see Josh, then there is staying up all night to tend a sick child. But both are equally important. LOL..... Oh, I am a goober as usual.

So, whats the weather here like in Gustine today? Cold, dark, and looks as if the flood gates could open up anytime. I really wish they would, California could use the rain. Besides, it is great hot chocolate weather. It might even put me to sleep. ALL HAIL SLEEP! Believe me people, I get sillier as the less sleep I get.......... I must be friggin goofy by now!..

I am going to attempt to get some things done today. I should rest, but I am a person who likes to keep busy. A moms job is never done. Parenting does not stop for sleep..........but, as hard as it is, I would NOT change jobs for anything.......Kids rule! I should know, I am a big kid myself!

I hope you are all well, and you take time to take care of your self. Your important.

My tip for today not to try to convince a child that Nyquil actually tastes good............yuck!

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