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A Flame

jlbrown3711's picture
on November 21, 2006 - 1:06pm

A Flame

I watch the candle burn
I see the flame dance
I can feel my skin become alive
in this beautiful romance

It is not a romance for he
but one filled with wonderous sounds
bringing out my deepest of feelings
and everything that it surrounds

The night is so very still
The air filled with fragerance
my senses are connecting once again
as it leaves me in a trance

I close my weepy eyes
I am intoxicated with the night
my body finds a brand new life
and my emotions soar to new heights

The flickering of this glowing flame
let shadows fill the room
I lay blissfully on my empty bed
and gaze heavily at the fullest of moons

My noctournal thoughts are coming out
as my mind heads to somewhere forbidden
I am lost in a sea of such sensual thoughts
as I discover the passion that was hidden

I sway in rhythm with the seductive music
as it grabs on to my secret pleasures
my heart is filled with so much peace
and I know I have found a timeless treasure

I don't want this moment to ever end
as it gives me an everlasting spark
It takes all my dellusions, and throws them away
and brings love to me in the precious dark

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