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Josh Bombed on the AMAs!

vijaykumar's picture
on November 22, 2006 - 8:11am

OK guys, what happened to Josh last night? He did not sing well at all on the AMAs, and he looked like he was scared to death! I was really hoping he'd go out there and kick some butt, and show all those other mediocre acts what REAL talent is! Maybe he was flustered from having to perform right after the "SluttyCat Dolls" or something. JOSH, there's no reason to be nervous-you're SO TALENTED!!! Considering the audience (mostly insipid rap & country people), he might have been better off choosing one of his more"pop-y" tracks, like Machine. If he could've gotten Herbie Hancock to come and play the keyboards, I'm sure the crowd would've gone wild! But whatever he sings, when he's "on", he's amazing. Most of his TV appearances have not gone too well (Regis & Leno especially), so I'm praying that he gets himself together and comes back strong. I know he can do it! I wish he'd use that breathing device I gave him at B&N-when I'm nervous or a little tight before an audition or performance, it really helps to calm my breath and nerves. Josh, I still believe in you! To quote you, Don't Give Up!!!

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