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What happened to it being about the music?

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on November 22, 2006 - 9:40am

Happy Wednesday to all. Its almost Thanksgiving, and looks like it will be not much going on at this house as I and my son are still sick. I would rest, but my son has been throwing up, so now I have tons of laundry to do. I know, too much info. The joys of being a parent.......

I watched a couple of interesting things on TV yesterday. I was sitting waiting for the music awards to come on, feeling a bit crappy, none the less, and watched a bit of the news first. They did a report on this local 15 year old girl who has gone way beyond expectations as far as education. It was very inspiring to hear her story. She was in the middle of teaching herself a lot of different languages, and what impressed me most about her was that she was going around to schools giving lectures on the importance of reading and spelling to our kids today. I say again, she is only 15. It really made me think about my own feelings on that. I have to admit, I don't read as much as I should. She made a very good point that reading can really open your mind up for even more knowledge to come. I never really was pushed into reading as much, and so I never really developed a love for it. But I should atleast do some so my kids can see what a joy it can be. Watching her gave me a little positive push into doing more. It goes to show you , that it does not matter what age you are, you can be an influence to someone else. She definitely has my respect. So does her parents. I think its time to push myself into doing more. What do ya think?

Ok, the American Music Awards...... what can I say but how bad that show has gotten. I remember the days when watching it use to be fun. Now, it is so R rated, that I found myself embarassed letting my kids watch it. It wasn't about music as much as it was about how much sex appeal one has... It was very disturbing to watch. I must say the highlight of the show was Josh. Yes, I am biased, but he doesen't need the sexy clothes, or the gimmicks to sell music. He makes music and offers it without ever making one feel like it was shoved in their face. That is why so many find Josh appealing.He seems real. Thats a true musician, artist, singer, or whatever you want to call it. What ever happened to just great music? Why is it that in todays world, we still put an emphasis on how one looks? I know, sex sells......... just I feel like this world is going downhill, and all the morals with it. So when someone likes Josh comes along and has actual talent, it seems to get overshadowed because of his not wanting or needing to be flashy like so many others do........Kudos to Josh for keeping to himself>>>>We need more people to stand up and be like that. Time to bring back just the music. How can our kids possibly get the message of great music when they watch people on TV with hardly any clothes or doing moves that shouldn't be viewd unless in the bedroom? Doesen't anyone in the music indusrty even care about what kids see? Sorry, I am off on a venting streak again. As a mom, I worry about these things. I wish more did. I just think our society can do so much more to change this, but no one seems to care enough to do something about it.

Ok, now Josh performance was good. I admit, I don't think it was his stongest performance, but I still enjoyed it. He seemed nervous, but then who can blame him. After all, he did just come off a huge break, and then of course singing in front of a big group of people that normally wouldn't listen to him probably contributed to nerves as well. But he pulled it off. Of course following the Pussy Cat Dolls probably didn't help him either. As I heard someone else said earlier, they put class after the true. LOL.........

Anyway, got loads of laundry to do. Being sick, and taking care of the sick is not fun at all.........I hope everyone stays healthy and has a great Thanksgiving. To quote a line from a movie......... "Put a turkey in the oven and bend over.."........ LOL I know, I told ya I was sick!

My tip for today.......... Don't watch the Pussy Cat dolls with your kids in the room.............

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