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Its Coming

vijaykumar's picture
on November 23, 2006 - 2:00pm

Its 4:50 pm here in Northern Ontario, Canada. And I am seeing to sun set. Night is apon us here. Its started to get colder out. As the days go by the cold dark winter comes in closer and closer. Its get hard to get out and do things with the clod, darkness. I herd that Alberta got snow today and lots of it. Which means we are not far form it either. I do like it sometimes by maybe its becuse now I think about leaving here and working due south. Califorina here I come! I still cant wait. I just give up one thing that was ofered to me a new puppy a Solid Black German Shepherd. Which I love too. They are one of my favorite breeds. But school comes first but it is very hard for me to give one up I would love to have both. But I told the breeder that in two years I will reture to her for a pup from her and I will make him a star. Yes I want to train dogs,horses and exotic animals for the film so I will need more than one dog for that. Well its now time for me to go. But I will return again.

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