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Giving thanks .....

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on November 24, 2006 - 4:08am

Yesterday was THEE day -- one 'o my favs of the year ... anyday you can cook tons of food and everyone eats it until they sit back and groan in pain is a good day! Combine that with a day off of work and *wow* !!!! It runs a close second to the first place winner Valentine's Day when Josh shows up at your doorstep wearing his Juicy Jacket, blue shirt, and hubba hubba jeans clutching a dozen roses and a big Groban smile ... Dang my mind just takes off like that and sometimes it's hard to reel it back in! Where was I? Oh yah, Holiday! So I get up early, I have lots of desserts to make and one of them takes two hours - it's this wonderful pumpkin swirl cheesecake that weighs at least 15 pounds when its finished baking and probably has more calories in it then you could burn in one day!! It's really good though! If you've not yet attempted baking a cheesecake out of fear I encourage you to try it - just make sure your cream cheese sits out long enough to be very soft!! As I was saying I got up early to bake and turned on the Macy's Parade at 9 -- yeah guess who I missed? Watched the whole bloody thing hoping to see our man with no such luck! Doesn't matter I watch it anyway ... Preggo futured DOG-in-law gets up and she's watching it with me. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT ADVOCATED SMOKING NEITHER DO I ENCOURAGE MY ROTTEN CHILDREN TO SMOKE NOR DO I LET ANYONE SMOKE IN MY HOUSE!! My oldest child goes out to smoke a cigarette and calls me outside moments later. "You've gotta hear this ..." He said. The typical sound of Thanksgiving morning he adds ... I go outside and think I'm going to hear the parade loud, someone having an argument, rap music ... but no, what do I hear? Smoke alarms going off in different houses .. the beeping loud enough to hear outside and I just giggled.
Dessert making went swimmingly and afterwards I had to take a nap! LOL!! So what are you thankful for? I have a huge list so let's get to it ...
1. The gift that God has given each of us and that is first our life and second this big, beautiful earth full of wonderful people like yourselves!! The earth is fabulous and such variety upon it! Love it!

2. God's Son ...

3. My hubby, he really tolerates me and I'm grateful!

4. My children and future grandchildren. Baby boy is growing so quickly it's nauseating!!

5. My job.

6. My imagination - it's perfectly wonderful being able to picture myself in a different setting, a different life, different situation ... that accompanied with #7 ... *wink wink*

7. JWG ... He really makes waking up and going to bed a celebration!! And also contributes substantially to #6 ... :)

8. My kitties which should be #6 but I screwed up hahahahaha!

9. Toilet paper ... just kidding ...

I could go on and on and on but don't want to send you into a napping fit ... the turkey should take care of that.

Gobble gobble!!!!!!!!!

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