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A thought Provoking Holiday

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on November 24, 2006 - 9:22am

Entry for November 24, 2006 A Thought provoking holiday
Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone and left overs fill the refrigerator. HAHAHAH. Actually, this year isn't too bad since we didn't have too big of feast. My cold has left me totally incapable of wanting to eat too much. I guess in a way, thats a good thing. I didn't do much yesterday but lay around alone in my bedroom and watch TV and write most of the day. It was quite relaxing not having to do anything for a change. Just me. I felt guilty for not doing anything, but ya know , sometimes it is just nice to be lazy. It can be a good thing at times.

I watched some interesting things on TV yesterday. I guess I am kind of weird in that I don't watch normal sitcoms that so many do. I ended up watching Cnn and some programs they had on about sleep, dreams, memories, and was quite the thought provoker. I have always been one to appreciate getting enough sleep, but watching that show just reinforced my thoughts on it. When they were talking about memories, and how we can improve on them, they ended up talking about a man who had no ability to form memories whats so ever. It was really sad to hear about. He couldn't remember what someone would say to him from minute to minute, yet he could still live a somewhat normal life. But can you imagine not being able to remember dreams, or memories you had growing up, or even memories of things that you enjoy? I just found that to be heart breaking. I cherrish everything that I experience, even if they aren't always happy ones. The sad memories also help make me who I am. But this guy couldn't even remember the year. Really makes a person think about life in general and appreciate the time we are given. I know, I sound a bit sappy, but I am that way. I tend to think more with my Emotions than anything else. Then they went on to talk about happiness. Nothing really scientific about it , just everyones happiness was really defined by them. Which, I have always known that, but when you hear someone else say it, kind of makes me think of what makes me happy. What can I say, my thoughts get stirred from things I hear. But I guess thats true for everyone.. HAHAHAH! One man said, that things, and people will come and go in our lives and so when we put our happiness in those, it can often let us down. He went on to say that emotions, being able to love, being in Awe are things that can never leave....... those are what made him happy. I found him to be very inspiring to say the least.

What can I say, I had a very thought provoking Thanksgiving. But I guess when you give yourself moments to be alone and think, it just sort of happens. Those alone times can really be beneficial to a persons mind and spirit. Anyway, it is officially Christmas Season, and I have tons of things to do. My house is so a mess with decorations. Got to get organized and make it very festive around here. Oh, how I love the holidays. Just to see the kids faces this time of year is so special. As for me, well, hopefully I can get by this season with no major problems. No one likes to fight during the holidays. Maybe I should just keep to myself. LOL......... I pretty much already have my presents, so don't need anything else.I am going to two Groban concerts this year. I would love to go to more, or even have better seats, but can't afford it. Ah, someday. I am content with what I have.........

I wish everyone a great weekend and blissfull week. My tip for today, is don't let your kids see your mom eat Pumpkin Pie for breakfast.........TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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