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I feel good!(in a James Brown kinda mood)

njanja's picture
on November 25, 2006 - 4:27am

I don't know how other people feel but this CD (AWAKE)is so good! You know when you listen a CD for the first time and there is always one song that's somehow closer to you than the others? Well with this CD that's not the case. Everysingle song is so good, so amazing, they all speak out in so many ways so many times. I can't stop listening to it!!!! Every single free moment I have I use to listen to "Awake". My God, I feel like I'm losing my mind but if I'm gonna ose I'd rather for it to happen while listening to Josh. Am I right? Ok, I'm crazy (and very much proud to be like that)but that's what makes me special. :P Ok, now I should probably go(gotta go write to Oprah- no, I'm NOT kidding). Ok, see ya when I get a chance. kisses and hugs

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