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What does it feel like to be white trash??

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on November 25, 2006 - 1:16pm

So, anybody out there know what it's like to be white trash? If you don't then let me tell you! So far in the past two years I've ...

1. Gotten married to a Canadian and delighted in the fact that he was finally legal to work! Woohoo! (I suppose I should also mention that we had to go to Montreal to get hubby's visa and had the wonderful privelege of driving from Thunder Bay to Montreal and seeing the wonderful Canadian countryside. Kinda *yawn* boring! Montreal was okay but man the people there are rude! Some dumb "f"er on a bike spit on my car because I wasn't traveling fast enough for him. I have one thing to say about that - bite me Frenchie wannabe. Ya speak French but spend dollars with the English Queen on them, do you even know who you are loyal to? Oh, and rude, Canadian, disrespectful Frenchie snot - Celine Dion is NOT all that. *sticking tongue out*

2. After getting married and hubby getting a job I bought a house - my very first house all by myself in MY name! Woohoo! And it was brand spankin' new too, wasn't even built yet!

3. Moved into said new house in Feb, 2005 then went to see Joshua in concert a week later!!! Life was good.

4. Bought a brand spankin' new Jeep Liberty in a far out green color. We were sitting pretty - and pretty doggone proud that we had a new house and a new car! Oh! And the car was in my name too! How cool is that?

5. Went to INS March 17th or 18th or something, no it was the 16th to get hubby's green card and establish permanent residency -- and was told that the green card would be delayed due to a processing error in Michigan when he crossed back over in the U.S. *plays sound of record stopping suddenly* Whoa, whoa, whoa ... what does this mean for us? It meant two days later hubby was fired from his job for NOT having the green card. What can the government do for us in that case? Not a doggone thing! "Sorry." Is what they said.

6. April 2005, first mortgage payment is due. I paid it but life was seriously strained due to the fact that my check was supposed to pay the mortgage and hubby's check was going to cover the other bills ... Do we pay the mortgage or the water, electric, phone bill???

7. My boss (who BTW is a two-faced, back stabbing, gossip-mongering, fugly biotch decides that when the doctors go on vacation that I have to go to other DuPage Medical Group offices to work my regular hours. I argued that I was the supervisor of the front staff and had been in my job 10 years shouldn't I have seniority and NOT have to travel being as my HUSBAND had lost HIS job thanks to our wonderful government (and she already knew that because SHE was the one who fired him! Oh yeah, it gets better!) and that we were seriously low on funds. Now the other offices were in Naperville, Wheaton, Warrenville, and other further away communities and it already took me an hour to get to work and two tanks of gasoliine a week -- I begged her not to make me go. She just looked at me and in her fat-faced, buck-toothed lisp she said "I'm thorry." I just looked at her (ok I GLARED at her) and said, "I'll just BET you are." Got up, walked out, and slammed the door behind me. She fired me the next day.

*****DUN DUN DUN*****

7. I got another job a week later taking a $4/hour paycut and went to work at a optometrist's office under the presumption that I would be doing "medical" billing. I didn't ... I pre-screened eye exam patients for a very obnoxious, hurried eye doctor who I wanted to choke. I looked for a new job after a few weeks and found one -- with Dr. Smith!!! I took another $1/hour paycut to work there but it was a 7-minute drive to work and I was back in MEDICAL which I loved! I still worked at the eye doctor's office for a month on Tuesdays and Saturdays until I'd just had enough.

8. The Jeep was repo'd in July I think and I hadn't made a house payment since April. It was all I could do to keep the lights on and food in the house and of course my ex was going on vacations every other week and leaving Duncan with me to feed and find someone to babysit. Gotta love it!

9. They started the foreclosure process on me late that year and in February 2006 I decided we should file Chapter 13 bankruptcy - my hubby was telling me he didn't want to save the house -- I was devastated -- and that's when I caught him telling another woman online that he loved her. I beat the SH*T out of him and pummelled his computer. If you want to hurt a guy, go for where you know it will hurt the most, his computer was it! He confessed that he'd been having this online affair for a while and I was so angry -- but he said he wanted to work it out and I did too so we sought counseling and worked things out. Right after that we really did file Chapter 13 and things seemed to be coming right along.

10. In March I think -- my husband's boss who was a thief, liar, and sneak, not to mention a woman-beater and fraud stole $300 from our checking account and refused to give it back so what did I do? Called the police and reported him. To get even he fired my husband which is illegal. We sought legal counsel to see about suing him and the lawyer said "give it up, you'll never get out of him enough to cover my expenses." *shrugs* So he got away with it. Because he fired my husband and he was again out of a job we couldn't start making the mortgage payments again on the townhouse ... I was still down a few bucks an hour in my job and couldn't afford to pay everything. Do you know it took my husband 6 months to find another job? He applied everywhere, it wasn't like he wasn't trying!!!

11. We filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July and the house was sold the same month so we had to move. We moved right around the corner into another townhouse exactly like the one we lost except it was a two-bedroom with a loft. It was very strange to move into the same place we'd just moved out of -- *humming Twilight Zone theme music*

12. Last weekend - the last remaining shred of my sanity was yanked from me with NO prior warning or advance notice - the bank repo'd my van. And they did it at 1 in the morning on a Sunday. Wasn't that sweet? Upon questioning the lawyer he said he never filed some paper he was supposed to file because we didn't pay him $400 more that we owed him. How sweet! He's a great guy, do you need a lawyer cuz I'll recommend one ... NOT!!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

13. We went yesterday to a sheister to get a new van since our old one had been snatched. Just shy of being called "Guido's Loan Sharks" this was a place that will loan you $ for a car if you have no credit, bad credit, etc. and they charge you like 20% interest and you have to sign something on video tape that says if you're even one day late they will repo your car. I told Kyler the first late payment you make they will break your kneecaps, second, they break your legs, then the third they fit you for a pair of cement shoes! Heh heh ... We were there 3 hours last night and another 4 hours today - only to buy the exact same van back that we HAD!!!!!! Okay and check this out: YAL came on while we were waiting!! Talk about TZ!!! So it's not exactly the same van, it's a Dodge Caravan rather than a Plymouth Voyager but it's purple with gray interior and has exactly the same inside. So we moved from one house into another that was identical, the outside was cream with maroon shutters on both and then get the same exact VAN we had before, same color, etc. *shivers* Spooooooky!

So now you know what it's like to be white trash. Walk a mile in my shoes ... just don't take them off and leave them for a second ... there's someone waiting to repo them.

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