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Tis the Season

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on November 26, 2006 - 2:11pm

Happy Sunday! It is cold and feels like it is about to rain. Bring it on. Time to get the Hot Chocolate going.. WOO HOO! Just got back from doing some Christmas shopping. Not for others, but for decorating the house. Eventually I will get to other people.It looks really festive in our home. I absolutely adore decorating this time of year. Especially when I can get my town village out and make a small village right in my own living room. One of my favriote things to set up . It ends up looking like someone stepped right out of a Thomas Kincaide painting. It is just beautiful.

Anyway, last night took the kids out to look at the neighborhood to see who had their lights up already. To my suprise, there are alot of goobers other than us who couldn't wait to set things up. Ever notice when one neighbor sets things up, then others shortly follow? It is kind of a friendly competetion around here I suppose. Of course no one will admit to it. LOL But it is nice to see the spirit grow amongst neighbors. I do look forward to heading up to Fresno one of these nights as they have a mile or two stretch of houses that totally get into the spirit. It is simply an amazing display to see. It is a very popular attraction up there.Gets a bit congested with traffic. I remember last year someone having a huge Polar Express display. It was really cool. I want one of those. I would like to have a polar Express display and crank up the song Believe over and over again for our neighbors. Wouldn't that be a fun way to spread the Josh around here.....hahahaha. I just carried away in lights, and try to make our home as bright as possible. Of course, all the energy it takes up, can't afford to have lights on, or run any other appliances. I guess kids will have to wait for those clean clothes. HAHAH, just kidding. Or am I... MUHAHAHAHHAHA!

Then there is all the cookies that we bake this time of year. MMMMMMMMMM. Love to get the kids into that. One of my favriote ones to do are the cookies we actually paint on, then cook them. Ok, not real paint, but it is fun to see the kids get crafty with their food. Got to make so much good treats that Santa will need a bigger suit! HAHAHA! oh, then there is moms rum balls........ Ya know, I don't drink alcohol, but I do love those rum balls....... strange, I know, considering they taste like rum. Ok, I am hungry now. Got to stop the food talk before I eat myself out of house and home. Why do holidays make me hungry?...........ACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

I wish I had my friends here to share them with.......They may not be here in a physical sense, but always in spirit. I am feeling a bit sad around the holidays at the moment because most of my friends live in other states. Just needing a friend fix I guess. Oh well, someday soon. Yes, I am talking about my online friends. They are wonderful people. Just that every time I go to some Grobanite event, I end up feeling a little sad when I have to leave. I guess because I know I won't see them for awhile. I know this feeling too shall pass. But March will be here soon, and I will hopefully meet a few more.

Well, off to do some more stuff for the day. Just know someone here in the land of Gustine is thinking about ya! God bless to all my friends! You re loved!

Todays tip............ Don't drink a gallon of Egg nogg before you go to bed!.WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! oops!

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