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The lights on a road

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on November 27, 2006 - 9:42am

Good morning on this beautiful Monday morning. Its another start to another great week. Well, it could be great, depending on what you do with it! Last night I went out alone and did some Christmas shopping some more. It was a great moment as I got into my car, grabbed my music, and drove to the store to get things for atleast one of my children.Thats what I like about where I live, is that it is such a small community that the roads I take to go places, are generally unpopulated, and so not a whole lot of traffic. Makes for driving to be more peaceful. I had such a relaxing time driving there, and just being alone. I played some great music, and the road was as quiet as could be except for the sound of the gentle rain pouring on my window. I remember as I got to a busy part of town , You are loved came on over my stereo and it echoed in my car just beautifully as the lights from cars, and the traffic lights reflected brightly off the wet road. I don't know, it was kind of a moment where everything just sort of was in tune with each other. The music, the rain, the road.......just sort of fit together. It is kind of hard to describe. The heart beat sound of the beginning of that song really became quite dramatic as I found all those lights to be quite enjoyable to look at. The rain seems to always bring things to life. It is probably why I love it so much. I never thought I could find the light of cars reflection interesting to look at, but when you combine it with amazing sounds, it just does something to me. What can I say, little things impress me. But, after that moment, I was a happy shopper to say the least. The stores were suprisingly not very busy.

So I get home, and all the Christmas lights are turned on in the front of the house. Very full of spirit, thats for sure. Every year I say the same thing, that we need more lights..HAHAHAH. Ok, so we do have plenty. But I just can't help the feeling of wanting to make it look splendid beyond belief. Silly me.

So, I spent some time on FOJG last night, and realized one of my friends is having trouble feeling happy. I can somewhat understand as myself am not feeling totally like I should. I am trying though. Anyway, she has had a few negative things to happen to her and she is letting it keep her down for quite sometime. I miss her silliness. I miss the way we goof off on FOJG. She had won tickets to see Josh in New York to see a concert and people kept telling her that they hoped she could meet Josh. Well, she never did, and I think she is upset over that. No matter what she tells me, I know she still does in her heart want to meet him and tell him how his music has effected her. There is something special about being able to express those feelings to a person you respect a great deal. She has told me she has given up for any hope of that happening and I feel it has added to her sadness. I keep telling her that life can suprise you when you least expect it and not to give up. Things don't always happen when you want them too, so one needs to have patients. But telling that to her, didn't seem to help. What else can a friend say? I want so much to help her, but am feeling a bit strained at my attempts at trying to be there for her. I guess its one of those things she needs to work out on her own. If this was her only problem, I would have moved on from it awhile ago. She also has had problems with spouse, which sadly I can relate all too well, and problems with finding a job. Pretty stressful situation for her. Especially when they hit all at once. I suppose it is really hard to get a full understanding unless you have been in their shoes sort of speak. All I can do is just let her know I am here. Frustrating when you want to do more, but can't! All I know is that it kept me up last night, so I am yawning as I sit here and type this blog. I have really got to letting other peoples problems take over me. It can drag me down too. But I can't help it. I just care what happens to my friends.

Well, dear ones, I must go and tidy up the place before I take some more pictures of my very festive house. I hope every one has a great day and keep a smile on their face. It may be only Monday, but one never knows what a new week will bring. Hopefully some great smiles, suprises, and just great friends......... Sorry for being too sappy. Just who I am.

Tip for today, Don't leave the DOG alone with the daughter who likes to dress up animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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