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Manic Monday

vijaykumar's picture
on November 27, 2006 - 8:35pm

I am reading "The Little Prince" for the first time and it's adorable. I think I was about as curious as the little prince when I was his age. He however gets to remain ageless.

My mom went with me to the Vietnamese Martyrs Mass at the co-cathedral in Kalihi yesterday (I was on photography assignment for the Herald). The mass was mostly in Vietnamese so it was interesting to hear the songs and prayers in that language. There was a big procession in and incensing of the shrine to the 117 martyrs (foreign and Vietnamese missionaries, religious, and lay people killed in Vietnam during the persecution of Christians there from the mid-1600s to the 1880s) by men in traditional Vietnamese clothing. Plus a bunch of cute kids from the Vietnamese Catholic Community wearing kerchiefs around their necks trying not to fall asleep during the bishop's sermon. I love any opportunity to learn more about other cultures so I really enjoyed the service. Made me wish again I had been able to do the Peace Corps and go immerse myself in another country.

On the way home from yesterday's Mass I somehow got around to asking my mom what I was like as a kid. I'd heard the story about my waking up all the other babies in the hospital nursery so that I had to be brought into my mom's room. But apparently I was a very curious, determined child overall. Mom said I'd pop up from my crib whenever I heard someone at the door (or even if I was being nursed) and I just had to know what was going on. Guess that's why I ended up in journalism - my still intact strong curiosity in all things.

The Dec. 1 Hawaii Catholic Herald went to press today and it was a busy day since I hadn't got to the backpage world news or Heralding Back archive stories during the short last week. So the workday flew by.

When I got home this afternoon waiting for me in the mail was a "New Yorker." Sadly, not the latest issue since media mail to Hawaii apparently takes two weeks longer. But still a "new" issue to me. And tonight is a great TV night - "Heroes" and "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." So overall a good end to the day.

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