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The Mad Rush of Thanksgiving Is Over

vijaykumar's picture
on November 27, 2006 - 10:55pm

Egads! It's November 27th and Thanksgiving is over... This year was a little bittersweet. My first Thanksgiving since my dad passed into the arms of angels. A little melancholy, I missed him a great deal, but Josh was there to brighten my day with his beautiful voice while I cooked dinner.

Before Thanksgiving break I told my Algebra professor about Josh told him that all the women, and even the guys enjoy his music. Told him he needed to get his wife to watch the AMA's so she could see Josh!

I converted another person! My professor's wife saw Josh and fell in love with him! A new convert for fojg. Apparently, she's going to be joining this week. He told me after seeing him on AMA she went out and bought all of his CD's and now all she does is listen to Josh on her IPOD and in the car.

He told me all this today. He said his wife said that apparently he's handsome. My reply was, Oh he's not only handsome, he's HOT and talented! He said leave it to me to be so straightforward.

I told him not to worry that the professor was her first love, but every woman has to have a secret love. He just rolled his eyes, and sighed. I asked him if he appreciated music, he said yes, then I asked him if a pretty woman, walked down the street would he notice? He said of course. Then I asked him, if someone exhibited great talent would he appreciate it. His reply was in the affirmative. Then I asked would that be considered kind of a secret love? The look that came across his face as it dawned on him how I led him into a trap was comical.

Then everyone in class had to find out who we were talking about, and I said Josh Groban, sighs, and squeals abounded. Then a Josh discussion began. My professor said I was a trouble maker, my reply with laughter in my voice and a smile, Ya think? lol! Then we all had to get back to work....

It was quite humorous! Would you say I'm an instigator, lol! Yeap I am! lol!


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