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i love Robert

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on November 28, 2006 - 6:30pm

That's my husband. I just felt like I wanted to write about him tonight since I spend so much time carrying on about Josh. Tonight before he left out for work we were talking and laughing about the events of the day. I just looked at him and thought "God, I love this man - even after 16 years of marriage."

Robert is a wonderful person. He's handsome as hell. But what I love best about him is his personality. He's SO funny. From day one he has made me laugh like no other. We have so much fun just being stupid. Not only is he funny, he is vulnerable and kind.

Robert has been a police officer for 20 years. He's only 40. He's been an officer for half of his life. Wow, I'm just realizing that.

His favorite line just before he leaves for work is "I've got to go fight crime and corruption! Then I have to leave the department and go write a few tickets." HA HA.

He's finally a sargeant after all these years. He calls it "babysitting children with weapons". Oh the stories he tells just make me roll on the floor laughing.
He stays so stressed out with it. He went to the upper brass not long ago and tried to get demoted. They said "No, this is like the mafia. Once your in...YOU'RE IN!!"

So every shift when he comes in from work I'll say "How was your day hon?" He'll say "I feel like I've been raped." HA HA.

I try not to worry about his safety. I never did before now. Times have changed so much. Even in the smaller suburbs. Now gangs and drugs infiltrate the smaller communities because they know the police departments don't have the manpower to deal with it.
A lot of things get swept under the rug because they can't respond to calls. Plus it's hard to find good officers that will actually work. That thin blue line can be very thin sometimes.

So, this is to my husband Robert. He's a nobel man. A faithful husband and a loving father. He's the heart center of our family. I have God to thank for him.

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