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Wishing A Groban Christmas!

jlbrown3711's picture
on November 29, 2006 - 9:10am

Good morning to allllllllllll ! It is chilly here in Gustine......... No, it is not chilly, it is down right FREEZING! I am not kidding. Even my goosebumps have goosebumps........! Yikes. All we need is a little snow and it will feel just like Christmas. Woo hoo! Speaking of Christmas, heard the most beautiful song yesterday. All I can say is JOSH GROBAN should be singing Christmas songs. FOJG aired a song called I will be home for Christmas. It is not new, but Josh does an absolutely brilliant and breath taking job on it. Yes, I get that fact I will appreciate anything that man sings, but he really just sounds amazing singing that. I really hope one day when the time is right, and in his own terms, he will do a Christmas album. He has the voice for it. But then he has the voice for anything! Something about Christmas music that really is pleasant to hear.Even my kids like it. I know every singer tends to do one, and can see his reluctant to wanting to do one, after all, alot of times they end up on some clearance shelf at the stores.But I think his would be different. It would really be wonderful gift if he did. Not just to Grobanites, but to all who like Christmas music in general. I can hope one day right? Well the good news is I am not alone on this opinion.Alot of us Grobanites want to hear him do one. The only problem I find with Christmas music, is you can really only listen to them certain times of the year. But I don't know, with him, I am more likely to listen to it in July as well. HAHAHAHHAH. There are so many songs he could do that would really put a whole new appreciation for Christmas music. And they wouldn't have to be in english either. Bet that would sound beautiful. No, I am not talking of doing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in another language. Something a bit more different. Ok, Ok, have I talked enough about Groban yet? So I need a life! You know who has a great Christmas album? Celine Dion has a good one, and so does Clay Aiken. I actually like listening to their Cds quite alot actually. Some of the songs you can almost listen to the whole year. But my guess is Josh would be a little less from the pop sound if he did one. Just my guess. I really have no clue.But what else is new huh? LOL

Yes, I finally started my Christmas cards yesterday. Yeah baby, I finally made myself do some. Cheers to disipline!! Of course I only did like 5 or 6, but hey, I atleast I started. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH! I am a gooooooobbbeeerrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I am gonna try to get some more done today. Hope everyone shares a smile today! My tip for today is make sure you have nothing stuck in your teeth before you go share that smile! EEK!

"Remember all the love we shared today"............. Josh Groban

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