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The Things That Are Really Important

vijaykumar's picture
on November 29, 2006 - 2:18pm

Before this past weekend I was totally focused on work. The last few days have been a wake up call. Thanksgiving was really nice, but on Friday I was the 1st of several relatives to get food poisoning.

Sunday evening I became the mom for a cat, my 1st pet of my own. Well, sometime while getting my cable installed yesterday, she disappeared.

I literally worried myself sick..I actually had chest pains & was so upset, I took myself to the emergency room. They actually found an elevated heart enzyme (for you medical types). Scary!

I'm home now, relaxing, but I still don't know if anything's wrong with me. It's probably just extreme stress. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

This reminds me of what's really important. They did find the cat 8 hours later in a kitchen cabinet! Right now she's sleeping, & she's so beautiful, I've got tears in my eyes watching her.

My friends were great-they helped me post missing signs & took care of the cat when found. My mom and grandma went shopping for me. (My grandma & the cat had a love fest). I love Grandma! I think this weekend I'll show her "Happy Gilmore".

Take Care :)

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