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Josh on Oprah. I so wish I could be there

jlbrown3711's picture
on November 30, 2006 - 3:47pm

Well, I knew Josh would be on Oprah sooner than later. It is great to hear of all these Josh appearances. He sure is keeping himself busy. Good for him too. I just wish I could go and travel to some of these places. What an adventure it would be to travel to another state, meet up with friends and watch a highly respected singer perform? For me, it is more about the traveling and seeing friends than it is seeing Josh. I guess because as a house mom, I don't have much excitement in this town. I wouldn't call cows fun to look at. Although we do have cow parades here at times. No joke either. But thats a story for another day. LOL My point was that I work almost all the time here and seeing anything different is a blessing for me.I would adore the chance to explore a new city. Don't get me wrong, I actually am more of a home body most of the time but I do have my days where I so need to get out. That does not happen as often as I would like. So I get a big rush on going to events that I know others that like things I do will be at. What can I say, the small things that make me happy. But yeah, I would love to be there and see Josh on Oprah. But ain't gonna happen. Besides I can imagine how hard it is to get tickets for her show. I will be there in Spirit anyway. I think most of Grobanites will be. They have big hearts. For those lucky Grobies that can be, good for them. Seeing a performance of someone they care about is such a treat.Brings excitement to a persons life. Don't we all need that? I know I look forward to the tour this year. My first show. I do wonder how it will compare to when I went to see Michael Buble. Lets face it, MB rocks the planet. Lots of energy there. Josh is different style altogether. Hopefully it will match up... I know what your thinking, I cried at the dang tribute, so what the heck is it gonna do to me at a full show? HAHAHA, we shall see..... Groban is good, but he still has to prove it to me on stage..... LOL.... Easy ladies, I am being silly here.!!!I can imagine the feedback on that one. Good music will make me smile, no doubt about that! Rock on dude!

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