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More from a goofy mind.......

jlbrown3711's picture
on December 1, 2006 - 8:47am

Good Morning Gustine, and Grobania...... Man, it is a chilly 37 degrees here in the land of cows, but thats ok, I am not going outside. BRRRRRRR! ALthough if it was snowing I would be ok with it. Go figure.LoL...... Fat chance of that happening. I so miss the snow. I just wish for it atleast one Christmas time..... But no, mother nature won't let that happen here. Sniff sniff..... Anyone bidding on the lunch with Josh? Ok, if I was rich I could do it, but sad to say my lack of funds keep me from such an event. But just think it what would it be like to have lunch with your favriote singer? Can you imagine what the conversations would be like? Well, in my case, I would be happy to atleast say hi.........HAHAHAH. Ok, is there foods you wouldn't eat in front of Josh? I am thinking Spagetti...... Just thinking about how you would suck up those noodles without staring at Josh and then laughing it all over the place...... Not to mentioning having spagetti face the rest of the lunch. How attractive right? HAHAHAHHA. I know, I am silly. How about eating a really big sandwhich that looses all the middle part right on to your lap. Wow, wouldn't thank look appealing as you walk out with mustard stains all over your lap. I know, thats what napkins are for. I may actually need a bib. Woo hoo, imagine Josh in a bib? That screams hot doesen't it? LOL. I am sorry, I have had too much sleep I think, as my silliness is at its peak this morning. Maybe it is the cold effecting my brain. Anyhow, off to be silly with chores at home. Hope everyone has a great day!

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