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A beautiful evening at home

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on December 2, 2006 - 6:26pm

A beautiful evening it is and just got back from taking my kids from a pizza night out! It wasn't the best of pizza, but they love this place as they can run around wasting their quarters on all the goody machines. Gives me a break as well. I feel refreshed having my shoping almost done and my cards sent. The real big task will be wrapping all the gifts, yikes, I dread that the most. Maybe I can talk spouse into doing it when he has time... when ever that is..!!!!!

Currently I am listening to Celine Dion's Christmas CD. It is beautiful. The Prayer is on and is one of my favriotes on this CD. I really wish one day Josh and Celine would record it together. Their voices together are simply amazing. I can't imagine a better duo. I can still recall the sound from the World Childrens day video. Totally awesome. One of these nights I may have to watch it again.

Anyway, the night is still early, and things are winding down here in my house. I feel pretty good that I got alot done today. Nothing feels better than accomplishing what you need to accomplish for the day. Wish it was this way and this easy everyday. But with kids, it varies from day to day. All I know is kids will be on winter vacation for 3 weeks this year, and as much as it is nice to hang with them, it is also stressful as kids their age tend to argu over everything. What is a poor mom to do. I will be needing that Groban music more then I think.LOL.........Ok, Buble will do too.....! Yes, remember him? HAHAH, I haven't talked about Michael in a while. Whats up with that? He is my other guy!!!! What a guy too! Hubba Hubba!

I think tonight is a good night to grab some hot chocolate and go out and explore for more Christmas lights through the neighbor hood or somewhere else nearby. I totally love seeing how everyone decorates their houses. A lot of people get real creative. its fun to see the friendly competition that no one will admit to. Are you in the holiday spirit yet? I am getting there. I think it takes me awhile, but now that it is December, I think its getting better. But as much as I love this time of year, I cannot help but think of those who can't afford anything, or even those who have no clue. Like the old song from the 80's "Do they know it is Christmas?"...... The song that Bob Geldof put together to raise awareness for Africa. I adore that song, I really do. I heard it the other day for the first time in such a long time. Made me think of Africa again. I still think of them this time of year, do you? There is so much I wish I could do, but financially I can't. Is it enough to just have sympathy? I guess in my case it will have to be. My prayers go out to those in need. God Bless them! Some day, somewhere, god will take away their pain and suffering! God Bless the Josh Groban Foundation for caring so much............God bless those who contribute to it, or any charity that helps those in need!!!!

Have a good evening everyone. Remember those who need extra hugs this time of year. Hugs, smiles, and good wishes are free.... Make a new friend. Friends are a blessing always! Cherish them!

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