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I am a Griswald

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on December 3, 2006 - 3:21pm

Good afternoon to all. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Gustine. Not too cold, not too warm. It is perfect. Even the local cows aren't complaining. It has also been a very busy day for us as I have taken the kids kind of all over the town getting even more decorations for the house. HAHAH, I feel like a Griswald. You would have to have seen Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase to know what a Griswald is. LOL... It will look absolutely cool when it is totally finished this evening. Can't wait. Anyway, I was in Merced early today and saw a homeless person just lying on the side of the road. It is really heart breaking to see that as most people just pass him buy with probably no thought to it whatsoever. That is depressing in its own way too. No, I didn't stop because I just don't know what kind of person I am dealing with, but it does make me sad to see anyone living like that especially when I am out buying things that I don't really need. I feel kind of guilty in a way. Here I have so much, and this person is struggling with life. Don't know his story, or how he got there, but it can't be a good one. Just something to think about at holiday time when something in our lives don't go the way we think it should. Always makes me worry less about the little things.

On the way home we listened to Awake. Got the kids singing to that now as well. How cool is that mom's taste in music is being influenced on them little by little. That just so rocks in my book. Wonders what other things I can get them to do or listen to? MUHAHAHAH. (* Plans evil plan*) Little Sarah totally gets her heart singing to songs, and is really cute to see. She is the little entertainer of the family. She is the one with the artistic imagination.She is also the one who has sooooooo much to say that never gets tired of talking about it either. Yikes! Let say it is rarely quiet around here. I certainly hopes she never changes that though. She is who she is. Full of sunshine, full of spirit. Somedays she is full of something else. LOL. I love when kids have abilities to want to create things, or express things with the use of art. Kevin, my son, is very into playing his keyboard and sing to Groban songs. How cute is that? 4 years old and he rocks out to Groban. HAHAHAHH! The stuff they pick up on and discover just amazes me. I don't push, I just let their hearts follow what they seem to be drawn to.

So, got home feeling a bit tired from all the long car ride, and put on TV. At the moment I have some musician named Andre Rieu playing in on the Television. Never watched or heard him before, so I don't know anything about him, but the music sounds very fascinating and quite entertaining to the ear. It is a Christmas special, so obviously he is doing Christmas tunes. It sounds wonderful. Listening to it makes me want to hear more of him musically. What can I say, I find new things to be enjoyable at times. Other times there is comfort in familiarness. Is that a real word??? LOL The kids seem to be enjoying it, so it is something worth listening to. I love when the kids get into different music too. Really expands their thoughts and appreciation for it. They don't even know it either. Woo Hoo!

Ok, so, have a few things left to do today, so not much else to report. Hope everyone has a great new week. Christmas is around the corner, and so I wish all happy shopping. Mine is almost done, yahoo! Oh, sent Groban two Christmas cards yesterday. HAHAHA!!! Why? I found a better card yesterday, so I had to get it....The cards will probably get lost with the many thousands of cards he gets, but oh well. I atleast remembered him this time of year, thats all that matters..... Dang it, now it made me think of Buble.......I totally forgot him.. silly me. Ok, so one more card to send out..LOL. I know your thinking, a 36 year old women sending Celebrities Christmas cards, how goofy can I get? Well, I am really goofy, so there.......!!! Smooch!

My tip for today is don't feed the kids too much sugar before listening to Groban. YIKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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