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When Emotions take over

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on December 4, 2006 - 9:27am

I am not sure if it was because it was a long day yesterday and I was tired, or the fact that I am just an emotional person anyway, but I found myself quite emotional a few times yesterday.I was playing on the computer, kids where watching TV and some show was talking about Steve Irwins family. They were showing some beautiful pictures of Bindi and just looking at that girls face reminded me of Steve. It brought back all the feelings I had the day I found out he had died. I will always remember that day too well becasue it was also the time when Josh Groban's You are loved came out to the FOJG fans. For several days I couldn't even listen to the song without falling a part. Even now, when I think of Steve I feel an emptiness inside. It is kind of strange to have a feeling for some guy I never even met. I really wish I had. He was a true spirit. I guess because his shows were always on our TV in our home, it kind of made me felt like we did. I guess that kind of feeling applies to a lot of celebrities. One can easily get attached to someone and feel like they know them, when in truth , we don't at all. I have seen it in alot of people, and way too often too, feel like they do and get upset when their expectations of that person isn't met. But, like I have said many time before, nothing wrong with caring. I think caring for anyone is a good thing, even if you don't know the person or not. It is what people do with those feelings that some can get into trouble. Anyway, back to Steve. Just seeing the pictures of his family made me cry a bit as I could not help but feel sad. Knowing he is no longer with us is really a heart breaking feeling.I can only imagine what Terri feels, or even Bindi! I will never forget him!

If that wasn't enough, I was lying in bed watching makeover, the home edition, and talk about an emotional program to watch. I never use to watch that show, but after truly seeing several episodes, and all the great stories they have, it really has grown on me quite a bit. It is a wonderful, and an extremely emotional show. I don't really say too many positive things about reality shows, but this one is different.It effects the heart. Last night they had a family where the mom was suffering from some terminal illness, and they struggled daily to get into a better house not knowing if mom would survive before the house was done. Watching the face of the father as he saw the happiness of his children, and the over whelmed reaction from his wife really brought my tears out. Knowing there are people willing to help like that is such a great thing to watch. We so need more shows like that, more people like that, and more emotions as well. Watching this man as he realized his family was going to be ok, made me really appreciate things even more. I know I say that alot, but it is true. I am very emotional about things and for most part have been afraid of those emotions for many years. But the more I discover about myself by writing my thoughts down, the more I learn that emotions are a good thing. I may cry over sad songs, a sad story, troubles,stress, failures, Giants loosing to the Dodgers, but hey.......atleast those feelings come out.....LOL!!! I have learned to embrace that emotions are who we are. Emotional beings. One thing about having days filled with such emotions, is that it makes for a better nights sleep!!!!

So, I get up today, on my usual Monday to check out the latest gab on FOJG. Most days I have no big debate going on about topics that are said, but sometimes things that are said on there bothers me. For example, Last night Josh, along with other famous people, apparantly did a performance for the President.I can imagine an event like that would make any one nervous. There was a few stars that got nervous and missed parts of songs. It happens. But the part that bothers me is that people can go on the boards are start calling these celebrities names that are really unflattering.It is one thing to be a critic of someones music, or performance, but when its about them as a human being, that is a bit much. I mean is it necessary to make fun of someone else? I just wondered when our society thought that making fun of people in a bad way was entertaining or was even ok? I have never met any of these people, and don't know them at all, so who am I to make a judgement on someone? I am not ratting anyone out, because they have their opinions too, and have right to speak them, but I really wish people would have a little more respect for even those they don't normally would watch or listen to. Celebrities have feelings too. Not like I think the celebrity I am reffering to would come on these boards and see it, but one never knows. It just isn't right to be so judgemental like that. Just hurts to hear it, thats all. I just wonder what happened to respect for ALL!!!........ I mean if we were on someone else's boards and they were talking bad things about Josh, you better believe Grobanites would be the first to defend him. As they should. But I also know that some people are not going to like him the way we do. It is ok too. Can't please everyone. I had to remind my own spouse of this yesterday as he proceeded to call the program my daughter watches stupid. It made me upset that dad could be so insensitive to a childs taste. WE may not always understand, but we should atleast have respect for it.

Anyway, off to do whatever that gets me through the day........ My tip for today, always make sure you carry tissues during the cold/flu season. Never know when something my fly out......... ACHoooooooo!!!

Love thy self, Love thy neighbor, love thy kids, love thy Josh Groban...........

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