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crutches =/

vijaykumar's picture
on December 4, 2006 - 11:47am

Okie dokie, so I'm on crutches which bites big time. What bites more is that I can't get tickets to see Josh at Madison Square Garden in March. Since I'm on crutches I can't go too high or too far into the center, I might be in a cast by then or something so options are very slim. My mom had tried for a while to find good seats that would work with us, I found out though that there is no doing this. This pretty much crushed me, my high school sports are gone and now I can't even go to see Josh perform. This happened once before too, when I was in eight grade, I was on crutches and I couldn't go. This always happens, he just happens to come to NY when I'm injured. I remember when he came to Jones Beach I had just been off my crutches for I think a month maybe....I got lucky. I'm so frustrated with everything right now. This was going to be a big christmas present and this was going to be my second Josh concert and everything was looking really good. Then we find out I'll be on crutches come march more then likely so the seating are going fast and then yeah it's too late. I just want to scream! >.< I can't fence, I can't ski, I can't ride my horse, I can't even see Josh. I know I sound like a complete baby for whining but gosh this really sucks right now. Christmas is coming and I can't get dressed up, I can't go out...nothing cause of my stupid knee.

My mom tried to make me feel better and said maybe he'd be coming back to Jones beach this summer and we could catch him then. Right now I've got my fingers crossed that he does. At least that would be something to look forward to. Seeing that going to the doctors office is my next nightmare =/. We're hoping I don't need any kind of operation on my knee, since I am only sixteen and I will freak if I need to go to the hospital for something.

Grr I just wanna scream, cry, punch my pillow, run in circles, something to get my mind off of everything. >=/ I don't know, things are just completly crazy right now. ay yi yi..I think I've done enough complaining on this site. Things could deffintaly be worse, but being that I'm sixteen this seems like the end of my life >.< . I guess I'll fix this later if things get better =/

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